Sourdough Toast and Eggs

We eat stiff, rubbery yellow blobs, or cover up the awful texture with huge amounts of cheese. The reality is that we don’t need to cook eggs into oblivion in order to remain safe while eating them, and eggs don’t need cheese in order to be delicious.

Whether you’re like me, living on the wild side and consuming under-cooked eggs, or not, I’m here with good news. Federal health code regulations for food service establishments require that egg products be cooked to 145° F before serving. You will be surprised at how soft eggs cooked to 145° F are.

Grapefruit, Applefruit, Orangefruit – A Mocktail Recipe

I was browsing Pinterest a few months ago and saw a grapefruit cocktail that I had never heard of, which isn’t saying much. I chose to drink a Shirley Temple on my 21st birthday because it’s what I wanted. Anyway, this cocktail is called a Paloma, and it looked delicious.

Gramma Marilyn’s Brownies

Gramma has pulled through as stereotypical in one way, though. She passed down her, apparently unused, recipe for brownies. I have been making these brownies for as long as I can remember, and this is the only recipe I know in my bones. They are the best brownies I have ever eaten, and they are some of the easiest baked goods I’ve ever made.

Crying Over Spilled Coffee

I kept hearing things about a virus named after a beer, and at first, I legitimately thought it was a joke. I don’t watch or read the news unless someone gives me a reason to, so I rely on people around me to fill me in. All of a sudden everyone seemed scared and suspicious, my business dropped off rapidly, and I had all of these new safety regulations to contend with. I chose to reduce our operating hours and eventually close temporarily. That was over a month ago.