Hi, I’m Noelle.

I’ve been a barista for 20 years, and a manager for 15. I currently co-own and manage a coffee shop.

A few years ago I helped to create a non-profit that helps adult survivors of abuse find joy again using non-traditional methods like art-journaling and yoga.

I have a passion for sharing love and empathy with people who have experienced pain in their lives. I’ve always tried to use my management skills to help people learn and grow in their own way, including figuring out what boundaries look like. That’s where my passion and my career meet.

I grew up in a non-denominational Christian church, and ever since Sunday school I’ve had doubts and questions about Christian doctrine that have rarely been addressed or answered in church. I love God (Jesus), I know He loves humans. I’m not totally sure about much else. I think God probably likes it that way.

About a million years ago I earned a degree that was one class off from being a Biblical Studies degree, and I still love theology

I’m on an unending quest to find and acknowledge God in every experience I have. Right now I find God a lot in my interactions with animals and friends, and in how food tastes and nature sounds.

I enjoy cooking and baking more than most things. You’ll find a lot of my favorite recipes here. I’m entranced by the process of using different methods to heat meat and plants to such varied and delicious results.

I am, and have always been, a geek. Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around being whisked away to Narnia to hang out with Fauns and talking animals, playing Mario Kart with my older brother Jason, watching Star Trek: Voyager with my family on Sunday nights, and listening to the original Star Wars soundtrack on vinyl. My husband and I play various kinds of tabletop games at least one day a week.

I currently play a 6th level Firbolg Druid named Elton in one D&D campaign, and I’m the DM in another.

In February 2020, after a crazy dating career, I married one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met. He shows me patience and love in a way that I never thought someone could, and he keeps me balanced.

Tim and I live in Denver, CO with our tuxedo cat Betty. We love being married, and are really glad we sealed the deal before the pandemic hit.

I started this blog as a result of my COVID-19 quarantine ennui. Maybe it will help ease your boredom. Thanks for joining me! I hope you enjoy my recipes and ramblings. ❤

TL;DR: Business owner and expert manager. I love philanthropy, theology, Jesus, cooking, geekdom, my husband & my cat. Using the quarantine to finally create a blog.

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